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Improve Your Public Speaking and Communication Skills with 60 Second Guru

Impromptu Guru ( is proud to present this sampling of 60 Second Guru videos so that you can get a picture of the whole 52-video series. Each video is approximately 60 seconds long, so that you can improve your communication and public speaking in under a minute!

These five videos are a sampling from each of the categories: Before the Speech, During the Speech, After the Speech, General Communication and Business Communication.

Specific titles shown in this video are:

• Before the Speech: Do the Penguin!
• During the Speech: Eliminate “Um” and “Uh”
• After the Speech: Getting Audience Feedback
• General Communication: One Cannot Not Communicate
• Business Communication: Communicating for Buy-In

To see a list of all of the videos in the series, visit

Videos are presented by Jill Schiefelbein.

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pikashoo S says:

next time please show the whole dress :3

Shamraiz Khan says:

i like your speech, i like to become like you, i am a chef, and i have good knowledge of food safety, but now i want to become as food safety trainer, please advise me, thanks

Shamraiz Khan says:

i like your speech, really very nice speech

Bam Bam says:

60's video helps a lot. Understanding every words, my question is how to manipulate lips or use words to communicate more. Like grammar. Speak professionally 👍. Please I need help.

bah jalloh Math FUN says:

i jus came from an interview…..but i was so shy as fuck
am pretty good in math but my shyness prevent me to get tutoring job in math….i hate may self as fuck

deana jones says:

this helped so much thank u I'm in drama next semester and I'm freaking out

Ning says:

Many thanks for sharing!🙏🏻

Terrible Tallrus says:

Helpful tips. Thank you!

jay fawn says:

I really hate presentation! It always end up so bad , I'm so afraid at people and waiting me to make mistake. I dunno everything I do turns so bad

ayodya thirimanne says:

thanks this was helpful to me

nhi nguyen thi says:

just wanna say thanks to you for such a helpful and practical video.

Busingye Adrine says:

Thanks so much, i have really learned a lot from u

Hi Refat says:

ANyone can practice with me to improve their public speaking skills.My Skype name is (hi.refat1).

Kris K says:

Hey you are beautiful and Helpful too.. Thank you! 🙂

Bimal Rathnagoda says:

It is great!

Abdul-Moeine Gargoum says:

I guess to get rid of the nervousness make sure you smoke weed and drink Captain Jack 😉

Rell Hayes says:

Thank you for this great approach to public speaking !

sai krishna says:

its so nice for watching this video and it is so helpful

Eric Bauwens says:

Thanks so much for sharing these great tips.

Gail Anne Villaester says:

this video is AWESOME 😃👍👏

Tushar Vaish says:

Video shows some easy ways to improve presentation. It works a lot for me. I tried for my company presentation and i got appreciation for that. thanks for the video.

Behzad Jani says:

one of the amazing video for improving public speaking skill!
well done by you miss impromtu guru!

nguyen van says:

Well, I was wondering if I could be better at communication and say something that makes my crush in love with me

nails_n_nature says:

Hello! I LOVED your tips, thank you very much for sharing with us, it helped me a lot. God bless you always. Greetings from Brazil.Bye

Baz H says:

I have overcome my nervousness etc..My problem is I forget some of the stuff I planned to say and end up using some of the filler words and stretch my sentences

Mau Jo says:

I have a huge problem with my 'ums' and 'uhs'. You said to use strategic pause. Great. WHAT THE HECK IS A STRATEGIC PAUSE!!!!? I feel the video lacks big time 'cause of this.

Ruchelle Viernes says:

thank you impromptu guru

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