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I search 4 it blinded: the power of self-love and self-esteem | Caira Lee | TEDxSHHS

National award-winning slam poet Caira Lee speaks to a rapt audience on the power of absolute self-love. Through a beautiful illustration of her own journey through life, Lee demonstrates that your body, size, race, sexual orientation are assets that don’t need fixing, but are characteristics that one should embrace.

Caira Lee first earned recognition as a slam poet while attending Shaker Heights High School. She won first prize in the Cleveland SlamU youth poetry finals in 2011, earning the chance to compete in the national Brave New Voices competition. As a 12th grader in 2012, she placed first in the SlamU finals again and this time traveled with a team to the Brave New Voices competition in California. Her high school classmates voted her Most Likely to Change the World, and she gave the commencement speech at her 2012 graduation. In 2013, she won a spot on Cleveland’s Lake Effect Poetry adult slam team and competed at the National Poetry Slam in Boston. The same year, she began studying at the College of Wooster, where she majors in Political Science and Religious Studies. She founded and coaches Wooster’s first slam team, Know Eye Slam.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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jory hopper says:

I cried I needed hear that

Elsie Ramirez says:

I felt everything in this Ted Talk. I too felt "not good enough" when I was chosen to present at a conference, I had to practice so much and tell myself, "I do deserve this, I worked for this, I own this." THANK YOU Caira Lee.

Shivani says:

This is all of the greatness

Brandt McCall says:

Excellent very heart felt and engaging talk by the very wise Mr. Lee, reminding us all of the fundamental importance of radical self love to one's own optimal well being and all of society. Compassion must be internal before it is external. I found the more my self compassion increase it did for other people and other species, I am now vegan as well as my self love does not allow for the unnecessary pain and suffering caused to feeling animals in factory farms. When we radically, infinitely love ourselves we know in our hearts that we and all of life is precious.

Khadija Ali says:


Yakibomb says:

I'm tingling at the energy she brings to life. She is truly inspirational.

Luvo Vevo says:

CRYING!! I’m 13 minutes in…

Clifford L. says:

Awesome! So right. So true. I love you.

إسمَاعيل شُوعيبِ says:

This girl is awesome

SpiriTrek says:

Just a flawless message. Thanks for your service and expression Caira

Tianni WallsS says:

I needed this . I love these.

sleep lord says:

I'm a 14 year old child and this is helping me so much thank you♥

Lucy Alice Whitten says:


Quincey Michael Cleve Abosi says:

I needed this. Tears bruh.

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