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How to solve Paranoia, no self-confidence, and low self-esteem – Jordan Peterson

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Remember Much of Jordan Peterson’s interpretations are psychological in nature

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Tom says:

(1) Professor Jordan B. Peterson teaches that the Christian religion is necessary for the restoration of proper order in Western Civilization, and for the prevention of new occurrences of mass murder such as were carried out by the Nazis, Soviets, and Maoists.
(2) But Dr. Peterson believes that the advent of modern science has made it all but impossible for educated people to regard the supernatural elements of the Bible as being credible.
(3) Dr. Peterson says that he has dedicated his professional academic life to overcoming this conflict between science and religion, so that the Christian religion can resume its rightful place in Western Civilization as the main factor in establishing the proper moral order in the minds of men, and in society as a whole.
(4) Dr. Peterson says that he has discovered the key to reviving and rescuing the Christian religion from the "God is dead" belief that came from modern science.
(5) Dr. Peterson says that the key is Carl Jung, or rather, the teachings of Carl Jung. With Carl Jung's concepts, Christians are freed from the necessity of believing in things such as the literal, bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead.
(6) With the teachings of Carl Jung, Christians can get all the psychological benefits and societal benefits from the Christian myth that people have always gotten from the Christian myth.
(7) Dr. Peterson explains that a myth might be something that isn't literally, historically true, but it is nevertheless something that is absolutely true in an ever more important sense.
(8) For Dr. Peterson, the concepts of "true" and "false," for men, are ultimately about survival or non-survival as biological beings. For Peterson, the Christian myth is true, and vitally necessary, since the Christian myth enables Christian men to survive, reproduce, and become dominant.

Dean Cutler says:

Once you realize that many people are just as self conscious as you (if not more) it becomes a lot easier. I think the guy asking that question sounds as though he has an inferiority complex and therefore is unduly concerned about the approval of strangers. Same thing with finding things to talk about, it's not like people who struggle with this actually have nothing to say, it's just that they are so self conscious that they overthink and edit themselves way too much.

Kilgore Trout says:

In two mins? Lol. Love Jordan.

SpiritualFox says:

Sensitivity to negativity could ironically be the sensitivity to negativity that neurotism picks up in the first place.

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