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How to Defend against a Gun to the Face | Krav Maga Defense

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Master Rhon Mizrachi: We’re doing defense against a gun, forehead height. Please.

Student: Give me your money!

Master Mizrachi: Gun. You are allowed to make two assumptions, and they are not assumptions. It is what’s going to happen. The minute you touched it, it’ll go boom. And it’s a fact. Right after it went boom, he’s going to his arm back or his entire body back. And it’s a fact as well. And if any gun defense that you have seen until now will not answer to these two obvious questions, then you should question your defense against a gun.

First of all, because it will fire, the number one priority is for me to get out of the line of the gun. That’s first of all.

Second of all, I have to keep in mind that I’m going to have to chase it to some degree, because he’s going to have to pull. I’m gonna get off the line, and I’m gonna strike him. And I’m gonna attack in, bringing the gun into his belly. From here, I’m going to yank it out, throw a fresh round empty chamber, and open the gap. If you are in the law enforcement community and this is not your weapon, you should clear the weapon and pull your own weapon out.


Thank you.

This is one. One, heads come up, forehead goes in. So if you look at it from the side, I’m actually here. Head. One. Back. One. Back. One. Back. It is done on one foot, and at the same time right foot kicks towards the groin. One. Back. One. Back. One. Back.

Once you hit, you grab, you lean forward, and you rotate to it. Most people … Oh, what I should advise you to do is to take a small step, and to add a step with your left foot forward, because it will carry you slightly off his center, and it will make your life a lot more comfortable.

Head. One. Step and rotate to it. Rotate the gun out, and it’s in your hands. Again. Head. One. Step and step, push it into him. Take the gun, and it’s in your hand. I should tell you that if you happened to do it and the gun ended up in your hand, there’s no reason to continue and chase him. You should just open the gap right away.

Please. Take the gun, start working. Every time you switch, because every time somebody else is going to end up with the gun. Step slow, please.

Smooth, try to maintain the motion smooth. Thank you very much.

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Anime 24/7 KW says:

Or give them your money

CyrusX7 Xxxx says:

The meaning when u grab the gun from the enemy

Then u realized that he has a better gun than u

Leo Tech says:

Maybe Fabio with the long hair should consider a hair cut. He's constantly flicking his hair back after every move.

michael matteoli says:

Only morons use guns that close

Garcia6198 Tv says:

Did this now im missing an eye

beautiful song says:


Fist&Twist says:

Good way to die

Ronsonn Swandom says:

I watch a lot of liveleak and i have never seen someone hold a gun up to somebodys head like that, pretty sure thats just in movies

Aryum says:

Anybody else notice that one guy had his toenails painted?

Adrian Lanuza says:

Sensei. Jujutsu.

matkasim says:

Risky technique …sorry guy will pull back once u evade.

vincent Alexis says:

Just give your wallet

the indonesian guy says:

If you on a motorcycle, what you gonna do?

John Mccain says:

Or do what they say

spudthegreater USA says:

I watch alot of security footage and surprisingly enough, ive seen ALOT of perps act all gangsta and stick that gun right in the face or head almost every time… its a primal in your face reaction of a barbaric animal to intimidate, gives them a sense of power over the victim. Everything this instructor said was spot on, even the point of stepping into the assailant off center while moving the muzzle of the firearm away from you back to him. I would add that it might be advantageous to make the off center step in too the assailants left side (the assumption here is most people are right handed) this gives you the use of your strong side if your right handed and puts the perp off balance on his week side… just a thought on what i might change in this practice session.

[LucK] AssassinShadoww5 says:

Thanks sensei🙏🙏😇

. jwkkilljoy says:

If there is a gun to my face I will embrace death like a sweet friend

Irvin Ong says:

What if he point the gun into your nuts?

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