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How Eating Disorders Can Be Life Threatening (GRAPHIC IMAGES)

GRAPHIC IMAGES FROM 4:01 – 4:09 AND 5:24 – 5:29

Hi everyone, this video was hard to make. I wasn’t sure what type of response I would get from it. I wanted to make it to RAISE AWARENESS and only to do that. I don’t wish to trigger or offend anyone. It’s sad that a lot of people and not only those who suffer from an eating disorder but also others such as families, friends and the rest of the world don’t know how serious a mental illness like this can be. I hope this video will HELP people and also show how important it is to look after yourself.

I myself have battled with an eating disorder for 5 years and although I have learnt to control my actions, I still battle with bad body image, starvation thoughts and a whole lot more. If you have a bad comment to say, PLEASE KEEP IT TO YOURSELF. I like my videos being positive and helpful.

These images shocked me and made me realise how I’ve been treating my body for YEARS. This wasn’t made to try to make you feel bad, I made this to help people want to help themselves. I am always happy to respond to messages via instagram for any support you may need.

Love you all.


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lea dumpling says:

I'm gonna be honest that was a huge wake up call. I nearly had a panic attack and started crying… That's so scary. I also knew that your stomach expend but never thought that I could die one day. I think I will take the day off… Thanks for this. I don't know what else to day I'm mad at myself for doing this to my body

laura vietmeier says:

Thanks so much for doing this vlog! I myself and a recovered anorexic with purging. I wasn't a binger. But the reality of what you shared would hit anyone!! I myself have seen it, but the way you approached it all is what people need to see!! Thanks!!

Rachiee says:

I actually watched that video by WMDN a few months ago and it had a huge impact on me. As soon as I saw this video in my sub box and saw the title, I KNEW this is what it was going to be about.

I honestly commend you for making this video, it has a very powerful message that I feel is important for others suffering from an ED to hear. I know that seeing that image helped me personally, and hopefully it helps others as well.

Amazing video and thank you 🙂

TheLoshGames says:

This was very impactful, thankyou.

mbr715 says:

hmmm… don't know that i've ever been the first to comment…yeah… it's scary stuff…… be as kind to yourself as you come across…. okay,?

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