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Headaches Behind Skull & Eyes (Great Self-Help Techniques) Occipital Neuralgia

“Famous” Physical Therapists Bob Schrupp and Brad Heineck present effective self-help techniques for headaches felt behind the skull, in the upper neck and behind the eyes. Often diagnosed as Occipital Neuralgia.

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Tina Willis says:

Occipital neuralgia is so painful, the strongest narcotics wont touch it even intravenous! ANY and all techniques, excerises, etc….will add up to make a difference! Occipital nerve blocks, may help some people and has virtually no side effects and is minimally invasive. I have great sympathy for people suffering from these. This is a great video.

Lucie B Lindner says:

I really liked your video!! New fan!

Lizzie Brinkworth says:

Thanks guys, really helpful as suffering with headaches at the mo. Also have dry eyes so thinking its linked. As usual you make it fun too! 🙂

Esther James says:

I did the tennis balls brand new in the sock and found out I was allergic to something in new tennis balls and got a rash.

D C says:

Very helpful guys! I have neck problems and I needed to see this. Thanks!

St Danker says:

really helpful video, thanks a million ❤

maskoftime says:

Thanks for another great video Bob and Brad; such great advice and exercises :)))

Moon Dancer says:

You two are too cute! 🙂

Rhonda Casey says:

Would this help with migraines?

Stacey Yuan says:

What mobility or ankle stretches would you recommend if there is numbness on top of foot due to a snowboard boot&binding being too tight for a prolonged amount of time (shin, bend in ankle, and top of foot up to big toe is numb). All my doctor said was that it's going to take weeks to heal but he mentioned to do stretches, he didn't specify how :/

Bettina Brentano says:

The towel exercise is always fun 🙂 Although I'm not entirely sure of the difference between Occipital Neuralgia and Cervicogenic Headache (which is what I was diagnosed with), it seems like your therapies are helpful for many neck-related headache conditions.

Stacey Yuan says:

I get the headache you describe from stress-> tension headache. I found sometimes when I use the tennis ball more on my trapezius muscle it helps release a knot or I get my spouse to put their elbow on various parts of my upper back to help relieve the tension.

dilshad haval says:

great lesson thank you

Monis Manzoor says:

I bought the book by Robin McKenzie. It is very interesting. I would share the facts with you 🙂

rajani chinni says:

doctors kindly suggest for headache with cervical spondylosis

Mariann. R says:

Does this cause the neck to pop once in a while?

JS D says:

may i ask what state are you guys in? your business i mean.

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