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Harvey Weinstein Victim Drops Shell Exposing Oprah Winfrey’s Role In Her Abuse!!!

Harvey Weinstein victim drops shell exposing Oprah Winfrey’s role in her abuse. British actress Kadian Noble has claimed that, Harvey Weinstein actually took advantage of his friendship with Oprah in order to get her to a hotel room. It didn’t take long after Winfrey gave her Golden Globes speech for the leftists of America, to start a rally for the talk show host to run for president in 2020

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K & E Fleming says:

We're stopping this shit b4 it explodes into demodiareha, The O HO is a fake , a Globalist puppet , waiting to cut off her Afro, we'll never be miss-led by these imposters, pretending to love their own , BS, our future depends on Trump ,GOD, and our support, NO Hollyweird-O to ever, ever run our country, what a bunch of shit to even think of such a thing !

Sharon Newman says:

oprah is part of the darkness

Brent Mcfadden says:

Ah the elephant in the room seems to bet DRUGs seem to be absent from the discussions! WHY?

Elizabeth S says:

If Harvey Weinstein's behavior was an OPEN SECRET in Hollywood, then it seem improbable that Oprah didn't know what everyone else claims they knew for years and years.

Iron Butterfly says:

That Oprah Winfrey did not know about Weinstein sexual behaviors is ridiculous. I've been around women who were molested as young girls. Young women are quite aware of who is a male molester. They know this because most of them want the same kind of sexual attention from the present molester that they received in their childhood experience.

Also, the idea that Oprah does not want to have children because of her lack of a good mother only makes sense because Oprah wants to retain her attraction and availability for sexual molesters, now.

That she never divulged publically that Weinstein was a serial sexual molester indicates her likely, complicity in his sexual use of actresses while hiding as a Hollywood producer.

Pattie Lakley says:

President Trump would mop her up

Ozzy bin Oswald says:

Oprah hates genuinely beautiful women because she's such a hog behind the artifice.

Yisroel Katz says:

I will never eat okra again!

Yisroel Katz says:

Okra is a fraud!

Yisroel Katz says:

One black in the white house in my lifetime is enough!

UV Indigo Auracle says:

Oprah never saved anyone she exploits people's stories for money. She doesn't give a fuck about anything but her bank account and having power and pretending to be a queen… a real queen would call out Hollywood in a real way. She won't ever do it. She was covered in a dark shadow during her whole speech.. Only reveal a little bit in order to hide even further. She is involved on a much grander scale than many would assume. She will be fully exposed soon with the rest of PedoWood. Say goodbye to the fortunes you've made exploiting people. PS Oprah, I am a woman and used to be a fan but can see right through you. OWN = NWO.

Clinton Chadwell says:

Their all evil and crooked, unfortunately real true justice doesn't exist

mike kelm says:

I think Oprah is a big fake …. To me she sets a bad example for any women black.white or in betw÷en…. When.we have to.elect movie stars as President it shows how bad this country needs change ..

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