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Guard Needs Empty-Handed Skills | Active Self Protection

Every self-defender needs a stout set of empty-handed skills. This guard certainly did! No matter where you go or what place you’re in, your hands and feet are always yours to use to defend yourself.

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bunjicarlin1 says:

First fuck up.. Guard has No gun.. Guy has money.. Let him go.. Call the real police.. He got hammer timed for someone else's money.. Dumbass

Julian 3 says:

I DO wish the guard had brought his knee up into the bad guy's face right at the start when he grabbed to guy by the shirt and neck. Just glad he wasn't badly hurt, could have gone bad in a hurry.

Ben Hayat says:

What kind of "Officer" is he who has nothing to work with? No weapon, no knife, no taser and no nothing. Let him go or you will get "Hammered" literally. LOL

Matthew Hall says:

I thought the reversed side of hammer got lodged in his head, that was scary, i thought he was going to die

BigGreyBeard says:

Always slap the attacker in the back, confront him barefoot as Well, then fall to a defenseless position and get pummeled with a hammer. Keys to victory right there.

Scott Newton says:

That was dumb as hell, I’d have let that robber get away. That guard got his ass beat with that hammer, could have been killed. What an idiot.

russcd1 says:

Fat boy is full of manure.

Soul Purpose Gaming says:

Security guards don't wear shoes in that country?

James McCabe says:

The guy was leaving already. So you're smaller, dumber, and have no hammer… why stop him? Now you have many hammer wounds to the face. He was already leaving and you were pretty much like, "hey you better beat me with the hammer before you leave!"

Matthew Mangiaracina says:

When you're hispanic, flip flops are always the most effective tool to stop a deadly threat

Nautilus 211 says:

guard needs a pair of boots

Andrew Lines says:

I watch the gore because it is the reality of defense requirement

Wiseguy5150 says:

At :33 would have been the perfect opportunity for a powerbomb,piledriver or even a pedigree

Justin K. says:

Why is the guard barefoot and why does the robber have sandals on…Rule #1 even when I go to walmart to steal shit I always bring my running shoes.

Jason Reel says:

John, will you add a description of what the 5 D's +1 means? Thank you.

mark jackson says:

security wears no shoes in India LOL

B Bobby says:

A guard with no training no physique …. Welcome to India!

Midnight Davy says:

learn basic martial arts, it will be helpful.

John Doe says:

Does anyone take this fat boy seriously? Yeah when I move to India I'll worry about this.

Tacit Worm says:

He hammered him!

Klaus S says:

Do they train security guards in kindergarten? How can this man do such a job?

Klaus S says:

Do they train security guards in kindergarten? How can this man do such a job?

Matt Noctis says:

Holy fuck it got stuck in his head! That's the only reason he lost the hammer, that guard needs to retire find a office job in a basement, guarding isn't the right fit for him, that was brutal

Alpha1 Omega2 says:

At that very moment when the guard approached him and the thief had his head down, would have been a golden opportunity to slam his knee into his head. The human leg has the strongest muscle. A knee to his face with full force would have dropped that thief for a good ole country beating.

Drake Savage says:

Another good video. Watching people make mistakes is still educational. That is to say, "this is not the way to do it"

Marko Hynninen says:

Non armed guard ?

Brendon Fitzgerald says:

Nothing about pursuing a fleeing felon?

Christopher Walch says:

Why is the guard barefoot? And no gun if this Brazil would of been completely different out come. 😂

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