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George Carlin – The Self Esteem Movement

Carlin weighs in on some of the nitwittery children face in current times.

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sdfsdf421df says:

george carlin would definitely approve that leading trigger warning

oldedude51 says:

Carlin was a brilliant, equal opportunity puncturer of ideological balloons and slayer of sacred cows. A lonely voice in the wilderness calling for sanity. And you know, in the end, he failed, because the very people he's talking about, the "special snowflakes" which the self-esteem movement created did not run into hard reality. They merely took their overblown expectations along with them. They ARE special. The world should acknowledge that by paying for their birth control (hint, quit fucking everything around you and you won't need $3,000 worth of birth control a month, Sandra Fluke – my God, if that is really how much you need, then your labia must audibly flap when you walk – it's not "camel toe" in your pants, it's a Goddamn seal's flippers…) and their college and their healthcare and… Yes, that's right, the single mom working as a waitress needs to dig into her tip jar and pay for these oh-so-special kids to go to college and, well, and use up $3,000/mos. worth of birth control, I guess… And while she's at it, bill her for those STD screenings and treatments.

Miko Mido says:

Generation of spoiled-infantadults are amongst us!!!

2126Eliza says:

"The self esteem movement began in 1970"— glad we've cleared that up. Next time you want to complain about trophies and exceptionalism, blame Baby Boomer parents, insufferable yuppies who created the karmic result of never being able to get their kids out of their house (and ruining the social systems and regulations that would've allowed that kid to support themselves on one job).

Lar Cat says:

Helicopter parenting.

NewhamMatt says:

Actually, studies showed that the "music in the womb" thing did work.  Hearing is the first sense to develop (as well as the last one we lose), and children whose mothers sing to them while they're in the womb still respond to the same songs after they're born.  John Feieraben did (or at least quoted) a study on this a couple of years ago.That being said, I agree with nearly everything else George said.

Bjswac says:

Was George Carlin a Republican?

Authority can Suck it with Authority says:

Somehow individuality has become a bad thing to our own detriment. What would be really cool is if we focused on figuring out who we are as individuals and also what our hearts desire is. How great would it be if that was the focus of parents, schools, and society as a whole. Just think if everyone was sure of how their particular set of skills fit into this crazy mixed up world. I think it would be rather amazing if by the time you get out of High School you knew everything about your own psychy, what you are good at, and just exactly how to make a living at that or those things. We are all inherently different its time we accepted that fact, embrace it, and watch humanity flourish because of it.

Dennis Hernden says:

Nothing Like a playing on the lawn with a Stick……..

Gerard McNally says:

George Carlin we have been robbed by your departure, but your message hopefully is getting through.

Steve McBain says:

Cool ! Thanks for this !

Noah Namey says:

All a man really needs is Arthur Schopenhauer for meat, and George Carlin for starch.
Ohh OK.. and a sprinkling of Edward Abbey for spice.

psikogeek says:

I think this is from "it's bad for ya" 2008, the year of Carlin's death.

Gary Matlock says:

George Carlin was a leftist and the whole "self esteem" deal that he's making fun of is a leftist movement.

Gary Matlock says:

All women are fascist, all of them. Women think everyone should be controlled. The only woman in my life is my mom and I'm a free man.

Frank Harwald says:

So true…except for the fact that playing isn't simple, at least if you're playing with intention to learn something. But believe me: there's no way of learning something good if your parents always nanny the children…

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