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General Distress – Star Wars Battlefront II Lore Play #7

Learn about the lore and history behind Star Wars Battlefront II while I play through the Takodana mission of the game!

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TWSTF 8 says:

They did a REALLY good job with Leia. 👍
Almost looks better than the Rogue One version.

Aqua Peri says:



Thomas Lichtenwalner says:

Hey Alex, have u heard any news about when rebels is coming out?

Blueblur 398 says:

Please look at my comment on your video about the Snoke theories and how you said they weren't true

TheTripleAce3 says:

If Shriv repaired the droid, could it have imprinted on him?

Joseph Michaels says:

nobody has heard hardly anything except you talking over everything being said since the video began.

Nerdturas says:

Some pictures of the han solo movie lego sets have been released. Maybe you can speculate something about them

Calvin Matthews says:

I actually like the campaign, Iden's defect was the only thing I hated.

Dark Blades says:

You didn't mention the line from Paldora, "Did you know that Stormtroopers miss 77.2% of their shots?"

jx592 says:

Keep the 8bit intro

Arvid Nilsson says:

Q&A question: How could Luke talk on Crait when he Wasnt there

Brickcraft productions says:

Forgot about Maz and Her Crush with Chewie

ian whitford says:

Hey Alex, gotta question for the Q&A. Why would Leia sanction Iden's mission to capture her father but not sanction a liberation of Kashyyyk? I understand that to liberate a planet is a huge undertaking but why not at least aid Han when he did it? Thanks for the content.

Koby Romigh says:

I think this may seem like an unorthodox question but what is your opinion on the argument that the last Jedi was bad because it was pushing a liberal agenda? Yes that’s actual criticism being made and as a conservative myself I think it’s complete nonsense.

Itz_ Karma says:


teh ending is sad 😢

Pelleaon says:

you skipped over that name drop of Gallius Rax by Paldora!

Owar Ajang says:

I love your videos post more

Gyarretto7 says:

I know he skips over it because it was covered in the Easter Egg video, but I still have to laugh at the statistic Paldora gives about Stormtroopers: They only hit their targets 77% of the time. You'd think that it'd be lower than that…

Kahn Family says:

Insert angry comment about EA being greedy and Iden turning good here. (I can't think of one right now.)

Mpir says:

Speaking of Maz, what the hell was she doing during The Last Jedi?

Grand Admiral Thrawn says:

7:34 I found it to be odd that Paldora mentions that the frigates seen here aren't seen as much due to the shipyards where they were constructed being assaulted. I would think that the Empire with all of its resources and all of its shipyards would construct their ships wherever they can. Of course there are the primary shipyards of Fondor and Kuat but that is where the bulk of the Imperial Navy was being made especially the Star Destroyers. Smaller ships like the Gozanti-class I would assume to have been built on smaller, more affordable shipyards that can be built on selected worlds.

Joe Light Railway says:

This is my favorite part of the game because of Maz Kanata castle on Takodana is my favorite place in the galaxy and its also a great place to have lunch, drink, dance & chat as well having a walk and look around of the spectacular scenery. Its was a shame that the castle was destroyed by the First Order in the Force Awakens, damn those bastard

August V.S. says:

Totally off topic I know but I've always wondered what that red light coming out off darth maul when he was killed was

Starkiller100 says:

I hate to say it.. but I really want this series to end so we can move onto a good game 🙁 As long as Alex is enjoying himself though that's all that matters

Zachs Pack says:

Loved this campaign to be honest. It was entertaining and very interesting. I loved playing on Naboo, and I loved Inferno Squad.

Obi-Wan Kenobi says:

Do kotor 2 after battlefront 2

QuinntheSpin says:

They better make a liberation of Kashyyyk Campaign

plox says:

tHe First OrDeR AttaCked ThE NEw RepUbliC, BuT WhAt aBouT AlL ThE OtHeR GalAcTic GoVeRnmENts, LiKe ThE NEw SepARaTisT uNioN, ThE COnFedEraCy oF CoRporatE syStemS anD tHE SoVeReigN LaTiTudes oF MaRaCavAnya? Do WE KnoW anYThiNG aBouT TheSe OtHeR SOvReIgN StaTes?

Alex Font says:

There was a Gallius Rax mention in this mission, Paldora mentions that he “likes to talk” so Rax gave him the information.

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