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Freedom Fighter Friday #13 – Self Defense Stories



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In this video we discuss self defense stories by armed civilians.

PD: Customer with gun chases away armed robbers in Milford restaurant

No charges for restaurant employee who fatally shot would-be robber

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Oregon Outback says:

Even though it may not be the best way to handle a situation, I love the "It's fake, mine's real" story .. !! Thanks Billy. Love Freedom Fridays. Any thoughts on running for Governor of "New California"? You could give Sacramento to Old Cali & move the capitol to Lake Tahoe or Yosemite. Just a thought.

G Sligo says:

Billy, that echo is bad….

mpett2 says:

Happens all the time. Thanks brother.

Dirk Boogaard says:

Love the SNATCH reference that was perfect. As for the flag I used a curtain rod. They have hangers that goes on the rod and clip onto the flag. It works great and looks good. I will send you a pic when I get to my office. Thanks for sharing all you knowledge on the topic.

Mr D says:

If one says his gun is fake while comitting a crime he might want to trick you. Really would like to see how a judge / the law would react to such a case.

M Blake Jr says:

Voice volume low

MountainRecluse says:

Enjoyed Freedom Fighter Echos. Good stories about echos…..

Haha just messin. Love this series, bro!

Taylor Wimberley says:

Lol, dern “gunbanning gunbanners”. Thanks for the video!

Whomagoose Long ago soldier says:

Does anybody know the name of the movie with the replica guns?

TexasLonghornRanch says:

The sound is terrible. Hang some sheets to stop the echo!

sman7290 says:

Hammer drill, masonry bit, tapcons, concrete anchors…problem solved.

Lovin' me some FRIDAY FREEDOM!

Tom Olofsson says:

Thanks for spreading the good news.

Nathan Schmoekel says:

Need to just slap some carpet squares on that wall, then you could just pin up the flag…. two birds, one stone.

Karl Arndt says:

Billy, Karl here in Denver. Love you. I have some very important advice for you. I'm a producer/ director. Your on camera persona is great but, your recorded audio is terrible. Audio is the most important component of any video. Please, please, get a lavaliere microphone. Please do not record your audio from an on camera mic.
Wireless mics are very inexpensive. You want your input mic as close to the source (your mouth), as possible.
Hence the lavaliere clipped to your shirt. This one element will raise your video to a professional level. You have important things to say, you are a teacher, and a good one. With a little technology, your videos be so much better and much more enjoyable for your audience.
Karl-actual, out.

idaretofall8888 says:

There is a echo as well but regardless it's Freedom Fighter Friday!

G Lewis says:

These always start my fridays off right. Thank you mr Birdzell

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