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Freedom Fighter Friday #10 – Self Defense Stories


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In this video we discuss self defense stories by armed civilians.

Bullets-Per-Body Rise in Chicago as High-Capacity Handguns Gain Criminal Following

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G Lewis says:

And Amica is a boys name. Lmao I choked on my food

electropentatonic says:


1221vito says:

I keep subscribing to your channel, and I end up getting un-subbed somehow. No big deal to me though, I'll just keep subscribing until it sticks..

iphonemusings says:

124 likes zero thumbs down, even the haters have to respect Billy. Happy new year brother!

Alex9x19 says:

I share these every time.

Alex9x19 says:

Love these series

Rob Irwin says:

I think it is likely that the largest factor in the increased number of hits on people fatally wounded is advancements in trauma care. We are much better at saving lives now, so we are able to save people that would have died in earlier years, so only more gravely wounded people actually die.

Bart Van Riel says:

James Bond uses a .32 acp against multiple bad guys with rifles all the time

Adam Kushner says:

Thanks for the videos! Any chance you'll be coming out to AZ with Horatious Group?

RockHumper says:

Where do these people get their names….

texasted73 says:


ubtaz says:

I said this when I was a child and before I'm dead I will have guard eels and a floor that spikes shoot up from

will lawler says:

Hey Billy, consider this. Nobody just walked up and handed me money, I traded time on my life for it. Everyday I go to work or out of town Iโ€™m away from my family and donโ€™t get to do the things I want to do. I traded my life for the car, the phone, the TV,my house. Why should I not be allowed to defend the things I gave up my time for ? Iโ€™m not getting that time back, and insurance is a half measure at most. What are they really stealing? My money or my life ?

machineguntongue says:

Chanz took a shot at it.

Whomagoose Long ago soldier says:

Wondering if there is a correlation between the young age of the criminal thugs, and, growing up in broken home? No father figure in the home. Very little parental interaction between child and parent. No participation in church or religion. Considerable amount of criminal gang influence. Compare the virtue of a guy lawfully working at a job or their own business, to the ostentatious materialism of gang membership, nice clothes, cars, ect. The glorification of criminality in modern music, most generally in Rap music.

Slking5.56 says:

I think you meant "Equal Opportunity Destroyer" ๐Ÿ˜

9thchild says:

Billy, what are your thoughts on ear pro for HD? Is it unrealistic to think you would have time to put some on in the case of a home invasion? If you don't have a suppressor on your HD weapon, I'm assuming a .223 round going off in a home would deafen you, perhaps permanently.

WRXXXual says:

Maybe I am in the minority, but I think it is perfectly fine to ice somebody who is trying to steal my vehicle. I understand the law views such actions differently, and that would hamper my action of administering deadly force in said scenario, but I still think vehicle theives (all theieves, really) need heavy doses of accute lead poisoning.

ScrewYouTwice says:

Man I never miss, Freedom Friday.

J Wright says:

Donโ€™t EVER stop doing these!!
You da man Billy๐Ÿ‘๐ŸผโœŒ๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ‘Š๐Ÿผ!!

E L says:

Freedom is back in style ๐Ÿ‘

James Vogel says:

Murder Town USA! Nailed it! Three men with rifles! Shotgun going back in the safe, bringing the AK with grip activated light and 30 rd magazine back for duty. I just am not that proficient with the pump gun and not sure I wouldnโ€™t short stroke it in a fight against 3DUDES! AK, just keep pulling the trigger until the 3 invaders are no longer a threat. The whole multiple home invader trend needs to be emphasized more in my opinion.
I have always trained for a 1 vs. 1 violent assault. More often than not we are seeing multiple attackers, sometimes with rifles. Handguns vs. rifles equals loser with handgun.

Sally Taylor says:

Bet guy shot 38 times was by leo….not saying he didn't deserve it, but maybe they should calm down ,no more free coffee!….most criminals couldn't hit something twice much less 38 times

Tyler Collins says:

32 acp is Better than nothin im confident i'll drop someone with that if not they run off ive seen 5-6 attackers run up in a mans garage in broad daylight in a suburban neighborhood armed with rifles and handguns he returned fire and they ran like chickens shit

Bryce with Defensive Resources says:

Locally, we had a farmer shoot at a truck fleeing his farm after stealing cattle…. Unfortunately, he's being charged and going through the ringer.

Real life ain't like Lethal Weapon people! I've always told people the most important part of the Concealed Carry course was the explanation of the legal code in self defense. Love these stories!

idaretofall8888 says:

Freedom Fighter Friday!!

Chance Carlton says:

Thanks for clarifying the spelling of Chanze.

Sven3xs says:

Love that thumbnail! lol

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