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Four years. Many loyal partners.One success story.

Over 100,000 km, over 350 tyre changes and more than 600 hours on racetracks all over the world. We’d like to say thank you to our partners and sponsors for writing this successful story of the 919 Hybrid with us for the past years. #919tribute

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Johnny CreditCard says:

Thank you for bringing so much joy to the fans!

Dun Zhao says:

Going for Formula – E with Audi as well?

TWAN sverre says:

Porche you did everything you could and it was a tough 4 years , but you did it was

Dan Frederiksen says:

Is the one success story Tesla? and your loyal partners are big oil?

Koenigsegg Jake says:

Love this video

Elhadji Amadou Johnson says:

Simply, Porsche!!!

mikeythebold tv says:

Porsche should get in f1 and show em how its done

Sandipan naskar says:

Porsche is ❤️❤️

Daniel Campos says:

Thank you Porsche, much respect #919tribute

J P says:

Need to bring back the GT1 class. Porsche will still dominate though.

Shahid Rifai says:

U guys have earned every single thing that has been achieved by Porsche, u have earned the respect of the people’s tbh u should have earned more than want u achieved cause u deserve more….love this family and most of all, love the brand

Giambe X says:

Fortunaly Porsche will continue in Gte. Nobody will follow you in that shit of formula e. Wec is the best Championship in the world

welowrider32 says:

What will LMP1 Do now D:

car addicted says:

The winning of these two trofies is the end Porsche deserves 🏆🏆
It was an incredible time in the LMP1 class for Porsche – we will never forget the legend with it‘s drivers: The 919 👑
Its a pity that they leave WEC in the LMP 1 class but im really looking forward to the next challenge: The FormulaE 🔜🏆
#champions #919tribute

مدوخة الحكومة says:

اين العرب ؟

Play Game says:

Y love you porsche ❤️❤️❤️

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