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Disordered Eater vs. Eating Disorder – What’s the difference?

Disordered Eater vs. Eating Disorder – What’s the difference?

A lot of questions about this! I hope you like the video. 🙂

Disordered eating is a classification (within DSM-IV-TR, used in the health-care field) to describe a wide range of irregular eating behaviors that do not warrant a diagnosis of a specific eating disorder such as anorexia nervosa or bulimia nervosa. A change in eating patterns can also be caused by other mental disorders (e.g. clinical depression), or by factors that are generally considered to be unrelated to mental disorders (e.g. extreme homesickness, etc).


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Rachel says:

So I am a disordered eater, but I have a healthy body weight, is this still an issue that I should bring up in therapy?

Chris Beres says:

I recognise myself using it as a coping skill… when I am very stressed out, I cannot eat. I can barely pry my teeth open for water. I definitely still having issues with disordered eating but I try very hard not to slip back into my actual eating disorder. I no longer have an appetite but I constantly think about what to eat, I wander to the kitchen and open the fridge just to close it and walk away over and over every single day. My body does not want food and people don't believe me because I'm fat. I have an atypical eating disorder and combined with the long-term effects of the disorder and hitting the City generics jackpot I am overweight with so have the anorexic mindset. I really would like more knowledge on atypical types of Eating Disorders to be recognized because it is extremely painful and alienating to go look for support and instead be told that you are fat and disgusting. I do not mean to keep harping on this in the different videos I am commenting on, but it just makes me angry that someone could ask for help and instead just be buried under a landslide of hatred.

Meg Boldan says:

Does ARFID fit into eating disorder catagory?

Gwendalis Ruiz says:

I am surrounded by disordered eaters and it makes me mad! That they don't get forced to eat, but I do. If they don't eat it's fine, but let me not eat and all hell breaks loose!

marie Jones says:

just found a great app for eating disorder type behavior it is  called RR it is an app that I found on  google play you can log  feelings and  also the feelings associated and the level you are feeling  them that is associate to them

Nikki Petrova says:

Hey Kati! I can't thank you enough for this video! I found it last night and it helped me understand why my mom's is so triggering to me. I am recovering from an eating disorder and my mom is a disordered eater. I have been embarrassed to eat in front of her recently because she eats very little. I showed her your video and we cried over it and she finally understood me. Sending you love from Bulgaria!

Flyingpanda cough cough says:

I have a question: how exactly do you diagnose a patient with an eating disorder? I have exactly what you said about anorexia in another video, and I would like to get help, but I just can't. I know if I go to the doctor, they will just say I need to eat more. I don't want that. And I usually skip a meal or two after eating more than 750 calories a day. My parents are getting worried, and I have no clue what to do. Any advice?

jimmjimm6699 says:

So is eating only like 2 main meals (and a total of only 20 or 30 items) considered disordered eating? I am an extremely picky eater, age 19.

Kelly Moen says:

You make disordered eaters seem as if they are lesser people compared to people with eating disorders. As if they are lazy or something because they are not diagnosable, treatable and do not show up in the DSM. I don't agree with your statements that a disordered eater is an unintuitive eater. I believe disordered eating is an addictive behaviour and should be in the DSM as the attributes of disordered eating behaviours function similarly to what is already outlined in the DSM for addictions to alcohol and drugs.

Ruth Dean says:

Is it normal to feel week after u purg

Asnath Nsemwa says:

Real you teach good!now i understand the eating disorder

Jenny M says:

This explains why I struggle so much with my mom. She doesn't eat the amount she should be eating it's not to cope but because she's actually busy but she doesn't have an eating disorder. Most of the time when I'm having a really tough time my eating disorder gets worse. So as much as my therapist says I have disordered eating ( she went through the criteria from Google and because my weight is fine I don't have one according to her) my nutritionist said I do have an eating disorder. I don't know why I didn't search for this video the moment my therapist pissed me off saying I have disordered eating. Thanks for this!!

Steph Devorah says:

Can disordered eating turn into an eating disorder?

RikaS2DBSK says:

I got the meaning when you gave the example. Like my boss always goes to work without having lunch and I always get unconfortable when she talks about it.

Steph Devorah says:

My dad is a disordered eater, never really realized how it influences me

MinkeSchminke says:

I am so happy that you talked about this topic! I did feel like I was the only one being bothered by disordered eaters!
My mom is the restrictive type of eater, she woul try to restrict all day and eat quite little and then in the evening she'd have "binges" like you talked about and usually it's quite unhealthy foods.
It actually bothers me a lot, as I'm constantly searching for "eating idols" to copy  as long as I'm not able to eat healthily yet. 
I think especially for me as an "ex-anorectic" girl, it is really really upsetting and triggering having such people in my life and although I don't want to blame them for anything I easily get angry at them and just loose trust in them..

Laura Padron says:

can you do a video about never feeling good enough, especially for your loved one? always fearing he wll leave you for someone better

Kristian Maiorca says:

Can someone who's struggled with anorexic tendencies, recover into disordered eating?  I think this is what has happened with me, because of all of that time actively avoiding eating and worrying about that, and then recovery randomly happened actually (yay for a job as a camp counselor where people made sure I was eating, and then yay for fiance helping my thoughts going back to mostly normal, normal enough, less of the anorexic thoughts.) and when I got back from camp, I just have no idea how to actually eat for my body.  I'm trying to learn though!

MusicGetsYouThrough says:

I like the way in previous videos you've always said "our ED" instead of "your ED" – it kind of sounds as if it's not just one person's problems and more like it's a team effort. It sounds more supportive <3

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