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Destiny’s Child Secrets Exposed (Part II): Rise of Beyonce, Abuse, Drugs, etc.

MUSIC Documentary:
In Part 2 of “Destiny’s Child Secrets Exposed”, we take a deeper look into the private lives of each of the members in Destiny’s Child. Watch Part 1, click the link below
Destiny’s Child Secrets Exposed (Part I): Shady Split and Behind the Scenes Drama

The Making of a Child of Destiny: The Andretta Tillman Story by Brian Moore
Total members of Destiny’s Child:
Beyonce Knowles
Michelle Williams
Kelly Rowland
Letoya Luckett
Latavia Roberson
Farrah Franklin

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pedrofilipemonteiro says:

every group need the lead singer and in this group is beyonce, because is the best singer. is the most talented and the others not deserved this place. If beyonce wasn't bad after getting out of the group to your career ended. Currently she is the best known, most awarded singers, most talented and highest-paid, and all the singers want to be her. SHE IS lLEGENDARY.

Judith Rhice says:

Did Aldera get her share for finding the group.

Katie Woo says:

Matthew Knowles sounds as bad as Joe Jackson at times

Rose L says:

Love you Beyonce aka the hardest working woman in the music business! When I saw the BDay DVD and saw how hard Queen B and her crew work to make the music videos back to back my jaw dropped. Queen B earned all the success she has. Go Bey!!!

Jillian Jade says:

Who else is eating Thanksgiving leftovers and watching this?!

Judith Rhice says:

Beyonce entire identity is a duplicated from Ciara.

UnnamedAssailant says:

Beyonce looks so PISSED 00:38

Doctor DL says:

Empressive You Did A Very Good Job, You Did Your Homework And Research. Very Creative Keep It Up!

Thee nemisis Showw says:

Itโ€™s very sad the way Matthew rob them of fam

Queen Beyoncรฉ says:

Makes me happy that they came back to each other๐Ÿ’— just proves more that Mathew was the problem

Destiny Michelle says:

Beyonce depressed due to hate mail and a bashing website! Woah…๐Ÿ˜ต๐Ÿค‘

Nina Hill says:

My love it's 1 thing to sin it's 1 thing to sell out

And_What says:

At 13:06 Tina Knowles, looks just like her daughter Beyonce when Beyonce was in her wedding dress!!! Just gorgeous!!!๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

Cardeuxo meetsWorld says:

All I can say is I love my Queen Bey and I'm not blaming her for father's ways.

H.R Collins says:

This entire video is accurate. Thanks for making it because everything is all rumors and very out-dated! It is what it is. 20+ years later they all know they just have to be tolerant of one another.

Malik Wilson-Gaston says:

Wow. Speechless. You never seize to amaze me! Great documentary!

enew12 says:

Please do the fugees.

Kasia Dean says:

I was literally waiting for this since the first one!! Guuuuurl you DID THAT!! Imma need some more episodes on girl groups could you please do Girlicious.. Nowhere near the success of Destinys Child but I've always been interested as to why they didn't go further.. And the girl from the Search for the next Pussycat Doll.., just a suggestion
I LOVED THIS SOO MUCH!! Thank you!!xxxx

prancer1000 says:

Good job and Happy Thanksgiving.

mischa23406 says:

You are creating amazing content!

Veer says:

is Cudda dead?

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