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Cop Responds To Child Abuse Call, Doesn’t Know He’s Going To Find His Own Son

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Cop Responds To Child Abuse Call, Doesn’t Know He’s Going To Find His Own Son

Every day we are tested. Decisions are placed in our path and we need to determine the right thing to do.

Sometimes, those who do what’s best for others are seen as heroes when, in truth, they weren’t looking for accolades or recognition. They just saw a need and acted responsibly and correctly.
Oklahoma police officer Jody Thompson answered a call one evening that would forever change his life and that of his family.

When he arrived at the scene, a home where claims of child abuse were reported, he found John, an 8-year-old little boy. John was soaking wet, his hands and feet were bound, and the little guy’s belly was empty after not being fed for some time.

John’s parents are thought to have forcibly held him beneath the shower and submerged him in a trash can.

When Officer Thompson saw John, his heart broke. What he did next went above and beyond his official duty.

After removing the little boy from his parents and their home, Thompson took John to the hospital. He never left the boy’s side.

But then he took things one step further.

Thompson knew the foster care system isn’t always good to every child. Many slip through the cracks and never find loving homes where they feel safe and secure. Thompson knew John could face a terrible future, so he and his wife decided to do something stunning – they adopted the little boy.

Two years on, John is now 10 and thriving with his new family. The Thompson’s generosity knows no bounds. When Officer Thompson learned that John had a new baby sister who had been born in prison, he and his wife didn’t hesitate to adopt her as well. She was brought to their home when she was just one day old.

The Chief of Police has commended Officer Thompson and his actions and said he wants the entire community to know of his officer’s selflessness.

As we face difficult decisions, it might not always be easy to do what’s right, but remembering to put others and their welfare before ourselves isn’t difficult. We must slow down and think before we speak and act.

Circumstances could have been much worse for both John and his little sister. Thankfully, both of these children will grow up in a loving home with parents who will give them the best values and life lessons we all must learn.

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Louis Horton says:

This officer deserves our respect and thanks he is a hero and role model.

rosie her says:

They even look a like. This is such a touching story.

Khalixia says:

Das ist nicht sein Sohn, er hat ihn danach adoptiert. Wieder ne Überschrift, die die Tatsachen verdreht

maggie smith says:

Hands up anyone who thought the officer was going to discover that his wife was an abuser.

Mary Finizio says:


Saunsiaray Broussard says:

That's amazing! We need more police officers like this one!

Jennifer McDaniel says:

I'm so glad to hear this story. God nless

David Levesque says:

I hope all goes alright for the boy, and he sister. Cops tend to work a lot, and many develop alcohol addiction, and other problems,even though they have families. And their family's members, tend to have higher stress levels, due of direct interaction with the dark side of human nature.( What seems reasonable as a relationship develops , can often be obviously disturbed, to a momentary observer, just stumble upon the experience, and it probably is dysfunctional event. )
As was said, and I have a lot of respect for cops, they often go on lack of sleep among other things and are still expected to function, I hope things go alright for both the children.
To all..good luck.

Tracy Swiatkowski says:

The world would be a much better place if we had more people like this officer. I'm sure he did not expect recognition or lables of being a hero, angel, etc. This was done purly out of the kindness of his heart. God has a special place in heaven for this family. We need be using him as an example for aouselves and our children. Sometimes it takes a village! May God bless and keep you always.

Kiera Bracken says:

touching beautiful story
good luck to both of them

Elite Premium says:

Officer Jody Thompson, may you be blessed beyond measure and may you have a long, healthy and wonderful life for your wonderful heart and for your compassion, and for keeping this brother and sister together. You are an awesome gentleman. Please look on your back you may have angel wings Sir.

Valerie Deuchars says:

God bless them 4 there act of kindness dont no how people can be so cruel 1 of my grandsons is 8 years old and emm in tears because the rhought of that little boy breaks my heart he has ah loving home 4 life now god bless them all 💔💔💔

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