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Circle & Time Management in PUBG | Loot 1 House Challenge | Circle, Timer, Loot, Vehicle Tips

I wanted to make a quick video helping people out with Circle and Time Management in Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds. It can be very frustrating having to constantly run from the blue circle in PUBG, but if you shift your mindset away from looting… things start to get easier. Let me know if you want to see more of the the Loot 1 House Challenge.

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Meme_Lord says:

Why do you sound like jeff kaplan

δημοκρᾰτῐ́ᾱ says:

We live in a time of hyper information … Also unknown as Info vortex …. What a video filled with data useless for the people to understand… Just content posting as 99% youtubers masses…cmasses dnt understand .. Just wanna waste their precious time

dAmnation69 David says:

Give this guy a medal !!

Guille de la Cal says:

Well done! 👏

Metz Gaming says:

thanks for this, it's a brilliant resource for newer players like myself.

Kevin Schmevin says:

My biggest complaint, by a mile, is the scarcity of vehicles. I've only played 30 or so rounds but in that time I've only found a vehicle to drive 3 or so times. It's rediculous, it's almost enough for me to stop playing this frustrating ass game.

Antonio Pitts says:

Loved the ending lol. No clue how you didn’t become famous.

Xavier Rasquero says:

The game blew you up because you got rid of the AKM

Michail Pidgorodetskiy says:

hearing russian naming wrong makes me cringe abit but oh boi u did a fkng great guide

Jackson Matthews says:

I’m new to PUBG. This tactic mirrors my original plan and tactic for PUBG. But I am terrible at aiming and overall gaming. I would love to see how well this tactic works with someone skilled enough to make it to the final circles

Perfect Irony says:

This has always been my philosophy and you can make it far with this strat. Side note: Have you dont a video on how to succeed in the top 5 of solos? I seem to be able to get there without much trouble but then something always seems to go wrong there.

Galih Laksana says:

GREAT VIDEO BRO 🙂 +1 subscriber

Honey Badge says:

Earned my sub

Joel Ayers says:

Dude, someone gets it! I keep stressing all these points to my regular squad but because I'm the newest member they ignore my suggestions despite how i can accurately predict the circles, loot, and player movement in most cases.

Keep1xel says:

I won a game with a pistol and vest lvl 2

Keep1xel says:

I won a game with a pistol and vest lvl 2

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