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There is a disgusting child abuse problem happening on youtube where sick and sexually suggestive videos are being shown to kids. This is the “finger family phenomenon” of algorithmic child abuse

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Jessie Wilson says:

I think that they are making this content so obscene is actually in order to boost their other videos of the same type. This way, if the algorithm happens upon one of their obscene videos and the person watches it all the way through, then it will recommend a similar video of that type. Since most people (at least I would hope) actually care about children and don't want to expose them to this, it makes it entirely more likely that one of the other recommended videos will be from the original obscene content creator, thus generating more revenue, because there is less videos of the same type.
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JMcAfreak says:

Contact Takedownman (@Takedownman1 on twitter). He can give you some help.

Bernando A says:

My daughter watched this bullshit. It went so far that we deleted youtube from all consoles she had

Curtis Carruth says:

YouTube censors political views for Adults and copyright Music but can’t write an algorithm to get rid of sick kids videos

Curtis Carruth says:

Guaranteed YouTube will demonetize this video but will leave all #Elsagate and sick kid videos stay up. Wake Up YouTube sucks

Julie Kohls says:

YouTube knows how to censor porn and disturbing imagery, this should have been included long ago. This is Postmodernism, where everything traditional and wholesome is denigrated to slowly tear apart enlightenment values to divide and conquer us and (they hope) cause us to beg for Big Government intervention to save us from each other.

Silvarren Sol says:

Inb4 the media blames Gamergate.

_ __ says:

They'll just end up being liberals.

Unauthorized Expression says:

You don't have kids Tim. If you did, you'd know how tedious and boring they are which is why parents give them a tablet and wait for them to get a drug addiction and leave them the fuck alone.

Wyatt G says:

You didn't even mention the ones featuring abortion. 4chan looked into this and found that it takes an average of 7 clicks to get to these videos from normal children's cartoons. Even weirder; urine, poop, abortion, blood, are all things that children who have been rescued from satanic cults talk about being used on them in satanic rituals. There's a 60 Minutes Australia video called '15 year old girl survives Satanic rituals' that everyone should watch. I don't want to sound conspiratorial but I think this is WAY darker and goes WAY deeper than most people know.

Aya says:

Im so so glad you are covering this. Yes, it is sick and perverted. It needs to be taken down. What can i do to help? I dont even know how to flag a video to be honest!

R Re says:

There's WORSE?! Holy hell tim, watch your back, I suspect you are onto something.

R Re says:

Jesus christ, this is a problem.

ShammyWoWLoL says:

Excellent work Tim.

Vulpine Eldrich says:

So are these videos demonetized?

Horn Of The Mark says:

My wife's mom works in a daycare, and the stories she tell about these families are heart-breaking. These people want kids but don't want to spend ANY time with them.

jesinchen says:

And where was the child abuse in this whole thing?

Gooch0 says:

This is what pisses me off about YouTube’s ad issues. They don’t seem to be tackling the right problems…

Harvey Reed says:

Looked into Elsagate a while ago and was floored. I can see people wanting to torque an algorithm to make money (like the "most satisfying" type of videos). But this level of crap seems more intentional, as though people are not satisfied with indoctrinating kids in school, now they want to reach out to toddlers and indoctrinate them (but into what?) right under their parents' noses… like you said, creepy.

ThE fLu says:

Not surprising its the internet every kind of asshole is gonna take adavantage of it

peas be upon him says:

The wiggles are creepier.

Maddi says:

Why was the comment on the AskReddit thread removed? Did you message any of the mods to ask?

Tim Pont says:

These vids appear very procedural. What if it's not people making them, but another algorithm? What if people aren't behind this altogether, but just another version of Microsoft's Tay?

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