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Child abuse in a day care center in Shanghai

A day care center in Shanghai has been suspended indefinitely on Thursday amid allegations of child abuse.

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Kie Dan says:

A clasroom regime of fear 😡

BluesCreation09 says:

What a bloody evil woman! How could anyone mistreat children as young as 2 years old?

Hamster Player says:

Person behind this series of evil tragic is 张葆葆, she's one of the most famous and well accomplished liberal progressivist (arguable) in China, head of a liberal women's rights union in shanghai, also she runs 7 or more early education companies and daycare facilities. She's on file for unregistered underground events for a foreign based NGO for several times as well. All the information I gathered is from internet and it may include unpublished information leaked from China's police/ homeland security system.

Damian Flynn says:

I wonder if they're the same types of teachers who tell children that the world needs to be saved from their carbon footprint.

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