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Bystanders Hesitate to Help Woman in Need | Active Self Protection

Our first inclination might be to chastise these bystanders who don’t step in to help a woman in need. However, considering the force deficit that they face, we start to learn lessons about what we need to consider if we intend to help a person in need to protect themselves.

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paraglidingnut26 says:

Assist him in cutting his throat. Fucking piece of shit murders, he should die. It's not revenge LEFTIST, it's justice!!!

Jorge Medrano says:

I don't think the girl would have made it after the third stab. Yes I become a bystander I Would Not get involved in that one. Always Protect Yourself and Your Own First.

Wynn Davis says:

Love your channel.

Robbie says:

The reaction of the bystanders reminded my of a barnyard when a predator gets in an enclosure with the livestock. People must understand that the average group of bystanders will respond like sheep when one gets attacked. Like you always say, John, you must have your own set of skills. Sadly common response by the bystanders.

Ski Fall says:

wow, that's amazing. if he hid such a large long knife in his pants, imagine what else is in there!

hothamandfauri says:

Hind Sight is 20/20 and looking back, those clothes racks all appear to be on wheels.

So if someone did have time to react or time to escape and had nothing they could defend themselves with. You could possibly use those racks to create distance or at least put barriers between you and the knife wielding attacker.

Not that it would be that great of a strategy, but would be better than nothing i do suppose.

popsxbox says:

No response time here. She was dead from the moment he pulled his knife. Clear the scene to protect others. He was proficient with his knife and that made all the difference. Only a firearm could have stopped him in the end. Look at the action first then determine what action is to follow.

KramerJanglez says:

Aren't women property of their husbands in India? Maybe I'm an asshole but it's an honest question…. Guess I'll just go Google it

Andrew Lines says:

I watch the gore because it is the reality of defense requirement

deonbekende says:

knife attack guys …. the worst attack … can't do anything.

roman hall says:

JESUS CHRIST. Could you at least spoil the video, you said not recommended to the faint of heart but even I was a bit in shock with this video… I mean the man slit his own throat…

I Love Pistol's says:

And than people wonder why we carry guns, because shit could hit the fan no matter what or where, nothing wrong with being prepared.

Ed Cuevas says:

Spiritual fitness is the most relevant

Kim Kim says:

아랍 이슬람 새끼들 alab islam fuck

Jack Hagan says:

Why should a random guy give up his life for a random woman he doesn't even know ?
Why is the man's life 100% disposable. And her vagina worth so much ?
Haven't enough men died in wars protecting women already ? And for what ?
This is 2018, it's a Feminist Society, men and women are equal.
Don't be so misogynistic and patriarchal by suggesting that women can't look after themselves or that they need a man to rescue them (or a fish or a bicycle).
Why should the life of "a woman in need" , be more important than the life of "a man in need" ?
Can't wait for the dopey White Knights to answer.

The Egg says:

You can't win a knife fight without some wounds.

Shadrach J says:

This happened in a showroom called Waves. It is in Chennai, India.

AnonymousDX says:

God is bigger than that knife.

gypsy nirvana says:

This girl was in a bad space right off the bat. With a knife that big & that many wounds any helpful Samaritan would need some serious medical skills & a kick ass medical kit

Meek Fellow says:

Spiritual Fitness, guys!!

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