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Bella Thorne BREAKS DOWN into Tears Over Fan Reactions to Her Sexual Abuse Story

Despite people bashing Bella Thorne over her #timesup Instagram post saying it was for publicity, the actress got very emotional and broke down on her Instagram story after receiving tons of messages from her true fans. Regardless of what you think about Bella, you have to admit she is one brave young woman who is using her celebrity platform the right way this week. Let us know how Bella’s Instagram stories made you feel in the comments section below.

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Mark Funnell says:

I am so Proud of Bella for doing that get the video on my channel really helped her #staystrong Bella and sorry I never realized something was wrong with you like that and I was not there to save you come and watch my video the story of how I got depression

Čokoladni Jednorog says:

Poor Bella 😢

baby k says:

"the right way… this week" i can't 😂😂

The Many unusual Faces Of Amy Slaton says:

Not buying it

KRNG ChRiS says:

Lol 666K subs😂😂😂😈😈👹

Kathy- Rose says:

We love you Bella xx 😘

Beats City says:

poor but hot girl..

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