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Before and After Treatment: Eating Disorders Help

Hannah, before and after entering an Eating Disorders Treatments Center, discusses issues like Physical Health, Emotional Health, Spiritual Health, Honesty/dishonesty and Recovery from entirely different points of view. Let’s get rid of the myths! For more information please go to: or my FB page:

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perfectlyimperfect EL says:

I love her transformation. Absolutely wonderful!!

Cristina .Filipe says:

poor baby , mental health is the most the strongest thing depression anxiety panics its the same as being in a wheelchair
only who has it can understand what i mean

Jasmine101 says:

I really want to know how she's doing now

Marcos Soares says:

what causes this?

Emily says:

Rexburg, Idaho…. yeah she is definitely Mormon

Alanna Carlson says:

Holy cow she's so much better emotionally and physically!

Lauren Anon says:

Poor girl makes me sad. I'm glad she's better now. I wish I were.

Gregory Harper says:

How can a person get help for someone who may or may not want it My sister is 41 and 68 pounds her daughter thought she was helping by filling out affidavid from the courts for her And now she hates us all And now to find out insurance wont pay and they are going to let her out of hospital to return home alone Can anyone help us

dian says:

Wow- my eyes cant see to type-😓You are beautiful huney🤗

Kristen Noelle says:

Did she say Rexburg Idaho?

Gema Ri says:

eugenia conney youtuber girl needs a help please help her please

Joan Landes says:

How much did the residential treatment cost?

rdgloveshouse says:

what is the tube?

Sasha Baby says:

So glad you escaped the grips of anorexia. So many don't win the battle, it's great to hear a story of a person who has. Stay healthy 🙂

Jourdanne Wiser says:

omg that is how I feel in the beginning of this. its like I'm watching myself.

Lauren Anon says:

How can she afford to be in treatment for years.

Lauren Anon says:

Baby girl, your mind is wasted from not eating. I know this b/c I've been there.

izinoni says:

I just got out of a anorexia relapse and this is so so inspiring !!

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