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Anxiety & Stress Management (2012) Breathing Techniques with Dr. Chris Dula

Anxiety & Stress Management emphasizing breathing techniques by Dr. Chris Dula of ETSU. This video is not a substitute for professional clinical assistance with debilitating problems. People with Anxiety Disorders should consult a health professional with expertise in Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy. Relaxation techniques are foundational to psychological treatment of these disorders, so learning them prior to, or concurrent with seeking help from a professional will be helpful. Dr. Chris S. Dula is a Clinical Psychologist and Associate Professor of Psychology at East Tennessee State University (ETSU).

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Demonstration of Anxiety/Stress Relief Techniques:

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Hanuman Shrestha says:

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Julia Eremina says:

Awesome… just in time… depressive mood… I'm yet watching courses from Nestor Perez… also very helpful

ERL says:

This guy is a great lecturer, Fantastic. Thank you.

Maria C. Jones says:

The #1 reason standard anxiety remedies not work is because they will not teach the individual to end the fear of fear. Instead they teach you to ‘cope’ with all the problem and to manage the anxiety with the hope that it will eventually disappear.

tremat91 says:

fso what part does he talk about tecnique all he said was breathe?

Rain M says:

Your lecture is "GREAT" best I've heard and I have heard so many (most people ask for money for this advice!), but please look into asthma- I have it and as far as I know your airways will close completely so just relaxing may help, but you still need your rescue inhalier and get to the hospital if it is not working. This may be for severe ashmatics- so just be sure you know yourself and the severity of your asthma.

Rain M says:

can you contact me at with information SPM thanks

roman pinhasov says:

wow that is amazing i had been suffering from lots of anxiety and strees most of my life .
i heard about this technics but never gave them a real chance. this lecture helped me a lot I tested this technics they work dramaticly. it kills me that schools don't teach teenagers this stuff.

Billy Bulge says:

Thank you. Very informative and helpful.

DepressionHero says:

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tellyouthesame says:

@SUMI17751….I've not heard of SPM, but when I searched it and went to the site, it prompted me to log in. If it works, I'm hoping it is provided to people for free. I'm all for any program that's been demonstrated to be effective, especially if it is given away…too many people suffer from anxiety who have never been taught how to manage it on their own.

franz seidler says:

No, wildan147, I have not heard about fast abs! How about you walk into the center of a busy highway and shout the details to me from there!

esojenelra says:

thumbs up!!

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