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Advanced Bushido Self Defense Lessons : How to Defend Against a Gun with Bushido

Learn how to defend against a gun in this Bushido self defense lesson in this free Martial Arts video.

Expert: David Herbert
Bio: Master David Herbert is Seventh Dan Black Belt with over 36 years of Martial Arts training and experience.
Filmmaker: Paul Muller

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Jessi Thom says:

just use ShepherdSurvives instructions :)))

Joey Miller says:


Obertone3 says:

this is the best disarm video on youtube

Mr. Miller says:

Sounds great, except his finger is on the trigger and when you grab the slide and twist the gun, it's going to fire… and what do slides do when the trigger is pulled with a chambered round?… Not the best technique to disarm your assailant. 

fsgfoeva says:

The execution is too long, he could still pull the gun away since you're only gripping the barrel. But breaking the finger while pulling the gun combined with a kick would be enough and take less steps.

Neo says:

Gotta love bullshit…. I dont even know where to begin with this…. but the 2 top comments are good… But if anyone would try this in a real situation they would have about 1% chance to stay alive…

laodicea777 says:

I kick head PAAH!!

ReyJ Tin says:

1:18 head first

ReyJ Tin says:

1:18 u wanna move ur hear and hands at the same time. Hands first and yo azz dead

Thomas Oldridge says:

1:18 do you have time to react to this?

dellolio88 says:

i did this and still got shot in the ass

Hoto Jucie says:

"You twist here, push there, grab their pinky finger 1mm above their finger nail…Bla, bla, bla. If you do ANYTHING when someone has a gun 3 inches from your head, grab the gun with both hands, move it away from your head, and give a primal "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" as you rip their hand right off of their arm.

Marco Braun says:

year and his brain all over the street.

Marco Braun says:

Do you think it is so easy. rofl. if you think to defense against a gun is to cooperate or you dead fater than you think. a bullet is faster than you hand. rofl you think you can teach s1 how to defense against a gun by a video.

ch bu says:

At 0:40 if your right hand slips off the gun you are probably dead.

joergus says:

Your right sir!

rexxar12345 says:

I don't understand why those guys always think the opponent will just stand there and get pwned.

Oscar Morales says:

I like the krav maga techniques better more effective I belive.

Yo'shua DaHebrew says:

Check out Victor Marx.

Yo'shua DaHebrew says:

For a quick gun disarm , check Karl Marks. He's ex -Navy Seal

raymond newton says:

wtf is this bullshit

Teleskamena says:

My face when you said samurai did not have to fight against guns….The samurai empire / Culture was destroyed by the discovery of guns and Yes I know the arquebus matchlock… etc are not pistols… But they did have small arms back then as well. Also Bushido includes alot of disarm / hand-to-hand / Grapples.

njdevil281 says:

Remember people guns are range weapons so if you get that close to someone with one you deserve to have your finger broken.

SC HE says:

i tried this with my brother ……….he just stood there and sad am i meant to fall over now? you screwed me

courperationX says:

Yeah Bushido was used by the samurai, when the were no guns. This was made by some idiot later who doesn't know shit about guns, evidently. The best part is I had hope at first with his comment about the guy getting close.

GryllsAutumn says:

How i see it is if a guy pulls a gun on you, He doesn't have good intentions. I would agree if you haven't trained for such an encounter then yes throw all your gold at his eye balls, i'm not going to wait and see if he's going to try and kidnap/kill me after either way. And thank you i actually had a nice evening =)

GryllsAutumn says:

So what you're saying is every time on earth if a guy walks up to you with a gun you give him everything he wants? nah..The same as driving a car it's complex yet if you do it long enough it all comes natural even when you see an accident happening infront of you ( high lvl of stress ) you brake without thinking while keeping an eye on the entire situation( looking in the mirrors put hazzards on etc.. ). aka practise alot and it will come natural. Ps.shoot the bastard…

andoXpando1 says:

agree but the background people doesnt even notice

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