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Abraham Hicks – RAMPAGE of Self Esteem & Self Love (Brainwave Entrainment)

Abraham Hicks – Rampage of Self Esteem & Self Love. This clip contains Schumann’s Resonances frequencies – The electromagnetic frequency of THE EARTH. Get in tune : -)
*Binaural beats are fun..and USE HEADPHONES.. but it may not be suitable for epileptics or those prone to seizures. * More info on the “Soul Fire Academy” below!

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You can find my story following Abraham Hicks here:
I’ve been applying the knowledge of Abraham-Hicks for about 7 years now.. and it works. It goes by many names, the law of attraction, the secret laws of the universe, or as I like to put it, following your highest excitement and trusting that everything is working out for your highest good.

This mindset allows you to take risks. It emboldens you to accept that despite the appearance of things, this world has a beautiful perfection to it. It helps you to know what’s important when designing the life of your dreams. To remember that you can create any experience you desire for yourself.

Each moment you have a chance to decide who you want to be. The law of attraction is continually reminding you of who you have chosen to be until now. It allows you to use the circumstances of your life as the catalyst to awaken yourself to higher and higher possibilities. More of what you want and less of what you don’t want. Abraham-Hicks is the most powerful belief system you can adopt for choosing what you want the picture of your life to look like.

If things get tough for you and life knocks you down, if you need to get back up, or if you want to stay on the leading edge and see how Abe is answering people’s questions today – listen to the Abraham Hicks 2017 playlist. Click Below.…
If you are flying high, want to be flying high fast or just want to be reminded how absolutely amazing you are then this playlist is for you – Abraham Hicks Rampage Playlist. Click Below.…

That way you can stay on the high flying disc moment-after-moment and allow Ester’s voice to continually remind yourself of the guidance that is available to yourself in all times at all hours of the day.

I return to these talks to remember to listen. I’ve used this knowledge to create a life i’ve always wanted for myself where all my desires are coming true and there are unlimited possibilities ahead of me!

I’m not saying every single day is the perfect jaunt through wonderland… Truth be told, we wouldn’t want it to be..that’s why we’re here… to experience this..

But, this earth can be a very serious place to live. These words help me to return to the sense of wonder and focus myself on the most important activity in every moment.

Feeling good.

See… That’s always made sense to me…

The idea that if you are not happy, in this now, then the destination you are heading towards will be an unhappy destination.

Focusing on feeling good, following my highest excitement and living my life authentically is my guiding compass. It’s the true north when I get lost out playing in the world.

Abraham Hicks knowledge makes life easier. It makes climbing up from the bottom easier. Knowing where to go next easier. Easier to handle success (and Fame) when you begin to give it to yourself.

I know for me it’s made the ups and downs of entrepreneurship easier. It’s made finding the love of my life easier and it’s made raising our two kids easier. This knowledge is the cheat codes.

If you want to hear more about the journey I’ve been on with Abraham Hicks my story has grown to three parts now.


I get the best feedback on that story out of anything I put out. If you’ve never read it before start with link (1) ‘My Experience With Abraham Hicks. If you have read the story before, I have updated it to include a part three! Click link (3) to go directly to everything that has been happening since the second post.

Remember… Choose Love…

Peruse what sets your soul on fire.

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