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A Reminder of Why Women Need Significant Self-Defense Skills | Active Self Protection

This is a sad reminder of why women need to be able to defend themselves. Self-defense skills are a necessity because for the most part women are smaller and less physically strong than men, and incidents like this remind us that they need to be able to protect themselves.

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Geraldo Familia says:

F***g coward!!!

Atown Rocks says:

Hope this guy is locked away for a lifetime. Poor girl even peed in her pants out of fear.

Hot Sauce says:

Damn, my heart sank with this one. ☹️

Norin Ali says:

Remembet guys. There always evil people out there but also ttere always good people out there. We see an evil act by the attacker and we also see a good act by the bystander who came to help.

Barry A. says:

Women and men need to be tougher than coffin nails to make perps succeed at taking the room-temperature challenge.

John-Paul Mitchell says:

No, no, no. You need to get your karma right. The True Buddha, Nichiren Daishonen, already came in1222 and told you how to chant the daimoku every day. Nahm myoho renge kyo.

ShatteredCiv says:

Not graphic? Give your head a shake John.

Vlad Igor says:

O my god! This is just evil, poor woman.

Kobies Boxing says:

If you watch shows like "Forensic Files", and "Fatal Attraction" you'll see that plenty of women have killed their man. But any way I wonder what she did, or what happened between the 2 for it to have lead to that.

Jc A says:

Hope they burn him alive that mother f

Nomadunlimited says:

Satan awaits to fuck him forever in hell.

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