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9 Lessons you didn’t learn in School – Best Lessons from Self Improvement Books

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In this video we aim to teach you 9 lessons that you didn’t learn in school and university. These are very important lessons that can slingshot your success and personal growth!

Books mentioned:
The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People:
The Miracle Morning:
The Power of Habits:
Man’s Search for Meaning:
5 Love Languages:

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InsightJunky says:

#3 was my personal favourite. Having a growth mindset changed my entire life.
I hope this collab adds value to people's lives, and thanks for the opportunity for the collaboration! 😀

אילת ליבוביץ says:

Good video, but I'd like to point out that Isaac Newton's quote is misinterpreted. He said it in reference to the profound thinkers who came before him and had taught him a great deal, not to the people who surrounded him. He was known pretty much as a loner, not a very good example of a "people person".
As for #8, I know of an engineer who is 92 and is still studying the world and interested in all latest events.. and he's super intelligent and alert. So that's a nice thing to consider – that mental work as well as physical work can do wonders to the body. As well as engaging with others…. though it's quite a bigger task than the others

K ajay Nair says:

Thank u buddy

coco chanel says:

Great video, thank you

CHRISTian Kyle says:

Hahaha, I did learn the love languages in health

jason li says:

here are the best 50 self improvement books recommended by the tech community, check it out:

maxim ostrovsky says:

practical i understand from this video that u admire women (n a deeper level) tha's awesome man irespact that! the other one u not indian stop fkn speak with indian accent no one cares who u are chill )and its not cool to be rasist(

Nina Aleksandrova says:

I'd rather hear you than Insight Junky

Jack L.J.K. says:

7:00 gaming 🙂

Jack L.J.K. says:

2:30 you are your worst enemy

Finnian Cornelison says:

I hear "travel the world" a lot though, and then those same people complain about being broke and retiring poor. No, don't travel the world unless you have the extra cash flow to justify it.

Rainer Schwachsinn says:

Please talk slower

BluCat says:

Can we make the rest of the world watch this too?

LowKeyDave says:

The school system, most specifically in America is just so stupid and most people buy into but mainly because "its traditional" and most other Americans have went that route. The best thing you can do for more happiness is to have your money work for you instead of having to work for your money. When you have your money work for itself it's actually expanding your brain because it's a million ways to do so instead of going to med school, or becoming a teacher just because "it's alright" and "pays alright". And that's why the people that have their money work for itself get paid like literally 100x more than the people that went to school for 8-12 years. And with all that extra time on their hand doing something much more meaningful and get to have so much fun with their life. And they have 10 or more different assets while ppl that go to college all their life to have only one income. And then say "it's not about the money" but it most definitely is because if that 150k job only paid 40-50k you wouldn't be doing it. I could go on. But to short it, being educated in money is significantly better than having any kind/amount of degree(s). Period.

Rogelio Cabrera Murguia says:

and the music ? 🙁

Sadik Bin Salauddin says:

My love language for my wife/girlfriend is…… yeah you guessed it right! It's banging! 😅

Jonathan Miller says:

Just some feedback. I don't enjoy the sound of your voice. Please do not take this as an insult. There are ways to alter the sound of your voice to make it sound more pleasing.

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