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5 Ways to SUPER-CHARGE Your Self-Esteem

My 5 best self esteem tips. This is how to build self esteem that doesn’t go away!
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My name is David de las Morenas.
I’m a strength coach & bestselling author based in Boston.
I upload new videos every Monday & Thursday.

Song credit: Roby Fayer & Roee Yeger – Lost It All (Ft. Tay)

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Oshane Starboy says:

Hey David!!, New subscriber and I really like ur videos so far.💯💯💯

Ernest Wolf says:

Are you originally from Boston? You don’t seem to have the accent.

TheLegend105 says:

Hi ik this is off topic of the video,kinda.

But i used to be very fat(like chubby chubby) and I’ve lost a lot of wait to the point I have a 4 pack and ribs again. But I still have love handles and belly fat. Losing anymore weight would make me underweight. And toning it would just make muscle under it right?

So HOW DO I GET RID OF IT PLEASE!!!! It really ruins my self esteem..

andy del says:

Motivations 100%!!!

Chris says:

4:28 Holy shit I know this place from Fallout 4

I Was Here says:

Peaky Blinder for the haircut 😉

Chilli Charles says:

Listened to your Spotify playlist during my workout today, great playlist mate

George Ungur says:

You inspire me! Keep up the great job!

Flexington Steele says:

Awesome video David! Can you please make a video about how to make new friends. Now that I have graduated school, all my good bros have moved away or taken jobs that require them to work 60+ hours

AveZz says:

Love the mix of the tips with the quick awesome footage of the city 👍

kutsikuzik says:


Mhamad Wilddin says:

Been watching your videos from excaly one year ago. The amount of growth that's happened is amazing.

TheGuyWithTheBeard says:

You're the man, love the videos been around since 30k subs and it just keeps getting better. Grow out that beard! BEASTLY

I Ravageshot I says:

still growing fast 😰🔥


Your vids help me alot bro
Thank you!

rbasket8 says:

David de las Morenas is you name? I am Spanish lmao, are your roots from there?

bulgarian empire mapping says:

I feel like it is fucking christmas when David uploads

Shaban Shaikh says:

Your vid is fucking awesome keep going Man If you stop uploading I am gonna be mad Bruh 👌🔥

oallie22 says:

love the positivity in all your videos. You're really making a difference!

frank o connor says:

You look like the soccer player, harry kane. Hes a beast like you

Salgadinho says:

Man, I was struggling with negative thoughts. I simply started to replace them with '' I love myself''. it was a Life-changing experience

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