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5 Self Defense Weapons Every Person Should Have

We’ve put together a list of our best Self Defense Weapons that every person should carry anywhere.

5. Pocket AR:
4. Peper Spray Gun Amazon (US, UK, CA, DE, FR):
Amazon (Internacional):
3. Trailblazer:
2. Streetwise Ring Amazon (US, UK, CA, DE, FR):
Amazon (Internacional):
1. Taser Pulse Amazon (US, UK, CA, DE, FR):
Amazon (Internacional):


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Supreme patty says:

even kids could have this ?

Counter Shill: Memetic Operations says:

How about a gun

Amzar Nacht says:

That first offering is a joke, right??
Why the heck would I want a single shot .410 when I can carry 10 .380 rounds in an frame almost identical in size and considerably less weight?
What good is a .223 rifle round with zero barrel length? That much velocity at pistol ranges would just go right through the target without causing any appreciable damage. They probably would not even notice in the time it takes them to unload their entire magazine in response (probably reload and do it again during the 'tactical reload' of your one shot wonder)?

ETHAN Martin says:

The third person with the razor is dumb and doesn’t know very much of what she’s saying

Enesettin Shalaby says:

You must invent and build your own hidden weapon, this is the best choice

Potato says:

No-one needs a gun

Victor Quezada says:

Pepper one 👍

Brian Su says:

The Modern Rogue

Laura Burgess

Reviewed By Heather

Dragonbane says:

9:40 we're all here for the girl, let's face it

Nathanel wardana says:

Guy (borrowing pocket gun)
Robber: give me your wallet (will aiming a gun)
Guy (grab pocket gun, he forgot it's the pocket gun)
Robber: wow man I should use this
The robber borrowing a fake gun

Ciobanu Matei says:

Dont need a small pistol when you have a 50. Bmg barret

HS eRnaRk says:

Never knew that 18m volts sounded like my fart

MMBNMalternateaccoun says:

Non lethal defense besides maybe a taser will probably get you killed. And a taser is still only good for one maybe two attackers if you know what you're doing. All these other things will probably end up with you getting dead.

Mossyoak 505 says:

That ring thing sounds like a fart!

Gentry Johnson says:

The sting ring would fucking kill you


Please dubb the movie in hindi

FreabsLP says:

The Tazer is just like a Police tazer, or?

Carlos Ramirez says:

Guns everyone should have. There are alot of retards with guns I don't think everyone should own a gun.

Stirling Swift says:

Yes, but if everyone had one then the irresponsible people would have one.-the gun problem

Roberto Hernandez says:

Just get a Makarov

21hoodlums In-da-hood says:


graham peebles says:

What's wrong with a gun and a switch blade tazers are not gonna do enthing pepor spree gun is way to big


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