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5 Public Speaking Mistakes That Will Kill Your Presentation | Tips To Avoid Ruining Your Speech – Click Here To Read The article with 2 BONUS Tips on Mistakes To Avoid When Giving A Presentation – Click Here For a FREE Starter Kit on Upgrading Your Personal Image

Video Summary:
0:38 – Mistake #1: Not Being Prepared
2:30 – Mistake #2: Not Knowing Your Audience
3:17 – Mistake #3: Not Having Clear Points
3:54 – Mistake #4: Overdependence on Visuals
4:53 – Mistake #4: Not Having A Plan B
5:40 – Mistake #5: Not Getting Honest Feedback

Public Speaking…

It can be daunting.

You know what I mean.

Staring at hundreds of faces in the crowd.

Each one waiting for you to captivate them.

Your hands start sweating profusely.

Your mouth tastes like cotton.

Your brain starts fogging up.

All the preparation in the world doesn’t calm the nerves.

Public speaking is the number one fear for a large majority of people…even more than death.

Nerves strike even the most confident individuals who are highly skilled and prepared.

Anything can go wrong.

To convey the message you want to get out there you need to be credible in your presentation.

But how? – Click Here To Read The rest of the article with 2 BONUS Tips on Public Speaking Mistakes To Avoid.

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Nshom Oliver says:

Great talk. another one is speaking without pausing to allow the message sink into their . minds.We as the speakers should learn to make good use of silence in the hall…it's can do wonders for your presentation

Zahir Sookoor says:

one question : a lot of people feel that hand gestures or "speaking with your hands" is a no no while giving a presentation. I see you doing it, but are there any restrictions, limits or rules when using them?

Zahir Sookoor says:

This is really great!!! awesome tips, helpful tips and beautifully/professionally presented!!! ☺

sospss says:

Females can watch too i am disliking this vid because u make it seem lke only men speak publicly!!!!!!!!!

Jacob Chaplain says:

I have a presentation coming up. It has to be 5 minutes long. I'm probably gonna end up doing death by PowerPoint except on purpose because it's easier to do. It's for an English project that I don't give a fuck about. And I'm graduating in 2 weeks anyway.

Multi Fandom says:

Why did my teacher choose me…to be one of the Public Speaking Competition.. xd

Deimantė Ganytė says:

Thank you so much. This amazing video was really helpful.

TheCocinera says:

i have a presentation next week and i a little bit worry, because English is my second language, my portion time is only 10 minutes, but still scary. Any advance?

Aniyah Sky says:

omg thank you so much! I realize that I was doing these things last year on an election and now I'll try my best not to!

nikitakinsx says:

You cant control getting there 2 days before – most people have a job, obligations, etc.

sometimesgood says:

Just found your channel. This was the second video I saw and I have to say I'm impressed. And subscribed. Feedback: your hand gestures are very moderate and not at all disruptive, unlike with very many speaking coaches found here in YouTube.

Khalid Aslam says:

but how do we know when to use the hand gestures during a speech as my friends usually say not to use the hand gestures and i think using this it makes the me seems intellectual !

happy happy time says:

Are you in a hurry?

EXQD2 says:

Army training – 147 slides………

Risna Ariana says:

I have a problem with my tempo when I deliver a presentation. sometimes it is too fast. my friends always try to make me calm down when I speech in front of the class. What do you think about it? do you have any idea to solve it?

Clairesmind says:

Why are you talking about "what a guy can't be prepared for"? What about girls!?? Can't girls give speeches?

Hashem Fatahi says:

Is this guy an american?

Marc North says:

Hi Antoinio, just wanted to provide a couple of style suggestions to you. Stay away from the spread collars. Stick with standard or semi spread at most. You have a round face. Spread collars (especially on an open shirt) are not the most flattering. My second point has to do with the colour of your jacket. I'm assuming, having seen you in navy and saturated blue jackets that you fall into the winter colour pallet. The colour of the jacket you are wearing does not fall in that pallet and does not suit you. Black, navy, charcoal, taupe are your best bets.
Just my 2 cents.

Victor Rodriguez says:

The worst presentations are the the ones with sales figures you can't see from the back of the room. Or better yet the one with too many transitions or animations.

noor k says:

i have seen many engineers at my college who missed the whole picture of presentation and started talking minority over majority which will lead to different concept of the idea

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