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The current books I’m reading, my next 6 self help books I want to read in the beginning of 2018, meditation app, my favorite TV shows, and my favorite running app.

Self Help Book List:

The Case For Christ:

The Magic by Rhonda Byrne:

Adventures For Your Soul by Shannon Kaiser:

The Happiness Equation by Neil Pasricha:

Girl Code by Cara Alwill Leyba:

The Wisdom of Sundays by Oprah Winfrey:

Rose Gold Beats by Dre:

Favorite TV Shows:
Grace and Frankie
This Is Us
Gilmore Girls

Apps I use to track my reading, running, and meditation:
Run Keeper
Good Reads
Head Space

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Renee Amberg says:

Happy Monday! What is on your reading list this year?!

Mamey's Medley says:

HI there!!! YES! I am watching THIS IS US!! It's the BEST show on tv. I cry my eyes out every episode, but it's SOOOO good! GRACE AND FRANKIE is such a riot. I love that show too.  I use the CALM app for meditation. I love it! I am currently listening to HERO by Rhonda Byrne. I listened to THE POWER twice it was SOOO good!

Monica McGahan says:

Where r u at? I won’t give spoiler alerts but I’m waiting for more episodes!!!!

Monica McGahan says:

Grace & Frankie is my fave!!!!!

punkrockers2247 says:

There is a completely free meditation app called "Insight Timer" there are sooo many different meditations, basically for anything you are looking for. I highly recommend it (:

Danielle Rich says:

This Is Us is one of my faves! I cry every single episode! Such an amazing show, I love it!

Ainara says:

I have that Luke´s mug! Love it 🙂

desiree bolton says:

I love grace and Frankie ❤️

Kaitlyn Pasco says:

I was recently super interested in Buddhism so I signed up for a free online Harvard class!

TaylorSwiftGleek says:

I got 6 months for 20€ for headspace. I absolutely love it it has helped me so much!! I'm currently waiting for 'the gifts of imperfection' by Brene brown to arrive in the mail. I'm so excited 😊 please let us know what book you read on Buddhism I'd love to read about it too 😊💜

TaylorSwiftGleek says:

What colour is your hair?I want to get highlights that colour 😍

Geneviève Chap says:

Gérald Messadié writes about history but I dont know if you can find it in English. The one who talk about the life of Jesus is '' L'homme qui devint Dieu''. A really good and realistic story. I am new, so hello! and French.

Nichole Lewis says:

Girl! I feel like we would be good friends in real life lol You are into researching the same things as me! I have read Girl Code and I really love it! Thanks for the books and app inspiration!

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